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Industry Terms and Definitions

Below you can find a glossary of terms related to the lumber and timber industry to help you better understand SPTP’s products and services and how they can benefit your organization. 


Bark, or the lack of wood from any cause, on the edge or corner of a piece of lumber; in plywood, thin to open areas in veneer sheets that result from outer log surface irregularities

Waterborne preservative

Preservative salts in a water solution that are transferred to the wood during the treating process


Low lying areas of land such as marshes that are saturated with water for extended periods; they are considered beneficial for wildlife, plant diversity, flood control, and pollution filtration; they are often protected by various regulations that govern use, building, etc


The wider widths of dimension lumber or timber usually ten or twelve inch widths; a speciality mill may produce it up to 20" wide

Widowmaker (buckskin)

A limb that poses danger to a logger through the possibility of it falling from a tree and hitting him