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Southern Pine Timber Products has been meeting and exceeding the needs of the construction and marine construction industries since 1987. We specialize in wide and long lengths, making us the best place in the Southeast United States to fulfill your custom SYP needs.


Freshwater, marine and foundation pilings for your needs. Any size butt/tip up to 75 feet in length, with special diameter and lengths available.

Lumber and Timber

Rough or smooth options ideal for beams, stringers, bridges, fender systems, foundations, and tongue and groove.


Whether you are building outdoor advertising, lighting, utility, or transmission poles, we have options for you available in any class up to 100 feet in length.

Other Services

Tongue and groove, special patterns, scrolling, log cabin logs, log cabin siding, beaded ceiling, timber framing, and much more

Beveling, drilling, boring, scrolling, cut to length, precision end trim and other products

Surface lumber and timbers from 3″x6″ to 12″x20″

Treated items for above-ground use, ground contact, soil/fresh water contact, salt water contact, and more

Fender systems and guardrails

Our truck fleet can handle your shipping needs throughout the Southeastern U.S. or we can help with all of your export needs


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