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Industry Terms and Definitions

Below you can find a glossary of terms related to the lumber and timber industry to help you better understand SPTP’s products and services and how they can benefit your organization. 

Band Mill

A sawmill using a toothed, endless steel blade for its saw


The outermost covering of a tree


A piece of lumber decorated with a raised half–circle bead along its length


A structural member, usually larger than five inches in width and thickness, used horizontally to support a load

Best Management Practices / BMPs

State or local regularity or non–regularity guidelines from protecting waterways as required by federal statutes including the Clean Water Act and the Water Pollution Control Act

Bevel Siding

A board that has been resawn diagonally to be used to clad the exterior of a building


A discoloration of wood caused by a fungus; usually occurring in the sapwood. It is particularly troublesome in Southern Yellow Pine logs during the summer months.


A piece of lumber less than two inches in nominal thickness and one inch or more in width

Board Foot

The basic unit of measurement for lumber; one board foot is equal to a one–inch board, twelve inches in width and one foot in length, thus, a ten foot long, twelve inch wide, and one inch thick piece would contain ten board feet; when calculating board feet, nominal sizes are assumed


An identifying mark on the end of a log indicating the owner of a log; the brand is made on the log by hitting the end with a hammer–like device that bears the design of the brand; also, there is paint sprayed on logs to indicate to the mill deck scaler which area the logs were from


The act of cutting a log to a specified length while attempting to maximize the log value


A person who saws felled trees into logs


The lower end of a tree, or a log from that part of the tree closest to the stump