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Industry Terms and Definitions

Below you can find a glossary of terms related to the lumber and timber industry to help you better understand SPTP’s products and services and how they can benefit your organization. 


(Hammerbrand) A mark on a log or timber that identifies the owner; a brand

Heart wood

The portion of the tree contained within the sapwood; this term is sometimes used to mean the pith; the heartwood is dormant and unnecessary for the tree's continued life; the living part of the tree is contained in its outer parts

Heavy dimension

A term sometimes used to describe squares and timbers four inches in thickness, such as 4 X 4, 4 X 6

Heavy timber

Rough or surfaced pieces having a smallest dimension of at least 5 inches

High temperature drying

A method of drying lumber using a dry bulb temperature in excess of 212 degrees F

Hit and miss

A series of surfaced areas with skips not over 1/16 inch scant between them